7 companies that are ensuring food security post global warming

At Tierraverde we know that quality food is synonymous with health and that agriculture plays a key role in the way we organize ourselves as a society. Currently, global warming and changes in climate conditions have become a real threat to food production and availability. This is why the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices that are adaptable to these changes is crucial to ensure the availability of nutritious food. We call this food security.

Social innovation plays a vital role in addressing these challenges. New technologies and approaches, such as urban agriculture and agro-tech, maximize food production, reduce waste and improve distribution. By promoting regenerative agricultural practices, we help restore ecosystems and maintain soil fertility, enabling us to build a healthier and more prosperous future for new generations.

Here are 7 projects that are setting standards worldwide in terms of innovation and technology applied to food safety:

AeroFarms - United States

AeroFarms is a project that is revolutionizing food safety by growing fresh produce indoors, without soil and with LED lighting. This advanced technology enables year-round harvests in urban environments, thus minimizing the environmental footprint. Its contribution lies in efficient and sustainable cultivation, producing food close to people, which improves the availability and quality of fresh, nutritious and pesticide-free cereals, fruits and vegetables, thus ensuring a healthier diet for everyone.

Floating Farm - Netherlands

In a country known for its struggle with flooding, the Netherlands has taken a step forward with the Floating Farm project. This floating farm is located in the port of Rotterdam and focuses on fresh milk production. With advanced recycling systems and sustainable production, this floating farm shows how agriculture can adapt to the challenges of climate change and rising sea levels, exemplifying an agricultural production solution for communities living in low-lying territories globally.

Farm From a Box - Global

Farm From a Box is a project that seeks to bring sustainable agriculture to rural and disadvantaged communities around the world. It is an all-in-one farming kit that includes tools, solar panels and irrigation technology to enable local communities to grow their own food efficiently and autonomously. This initiative empowers people and helps improve food security in areas where access to fresh food is limited.

Seawater Greenhouse - Global

The Seawater Greenhouse project is an innovative solution for growing food in arid and desert areas using seawater. These special greenhouses use solar energy to desalinate seawater to create a cool, moist growing environment. This technique allows heat- and saline-resistant crops to grow in inhospitable conditions, providing the tools to create a reliable source of food in regions with a shortage of fresh water.

Smart Agriculture for Climate Resilience (SACRED) - Africa

SACRED is a project that uses cutting-edge technologies, such as sensors and climate monitoring systems, to improve the resilience of agriculture in Africa. This initiative supports local farmers by providing them with real-time information on climate, soil and crops, enabling them to make informed decisions to better adapt to climate challenges. SACRED aims to improve food security in a region that is particularly vulnerable to extreme weather conditions.

Tierraverde - Chile

Tierraverde is a Chilean agro-tech project that contributes to food security by developing low precipitation spreaders and propellers to protect crops from frost generated by global warming. These devices enable the efficient use of water, reducing waste and ensuring irrigation accuracy. In addition, the propellers create natural thermal barriers around crops, protecting them from frost. TierraVerde's sustainable approach and innovative technology contribute to more resilient and sustainable food production, protecting food security for this and future generations.

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