In September 2021, Viña Montes requested us to supply a Frost Control System for a final extension of 11.9 hectares of wine grapes planted in a 1.8 x 1 meter frame, located in a sector of the Chequén property, in the commune of Marchigüe, O'Higgins Region.

Once the hydraulic engineering analysis was completed (irrigation system, water sources, etc.), we proposed an arrangement of Dew Plus® Kits - 360° emission at a radius of 3.5 meters - in a 6.0 x 5.4 meter frame with a flow rate regulated by a self-compensating dripper of 35 liters/hour. This resulted in a precipitation of 1.08 mm/hour, equivalent to 3.0 liters/second/hectare and 35 liters/second for the total area of 11.9 hectares.

In addition to the evaluation of the storage capacity to sustain consumption for frost events of the season, the installation of PVC stakes fixed to the plant with clamps, and the installation of new 16 mm polyethylene pipes installed every three rows were contemplated.

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