Dew® is our standard and most widespread Frost Control and Cooling Kit, adaptable to all types of crops.

It consists of several elements; Pulsator®, 360° rotator specially designed for Tierraverde, Microtubing of different extensions, connection coupling and self-compensating dripper of different flow rates. It also comes with a 15 cm PVC tutor for attachment to other complementary structures.


Parts Description Manufacturing
Pushbutton "Pulsator ®, manufactured in California, USA, and exclusively distributed by Tierraverde, allows the expulsion of a large amount of water instantly and uniformly, but with a low continuous flow.

It allows application from 8 to 40 l/h with wetting radius from 3.0 to 3.50 meters.

California, USA
360° rotator Own development of Taiwanese origin that ensures quality, stable and permanent spraying at a distance radius of 3.5 meters.Taiwan. Tierraverde's own design
MicrotubeMeasurements according to species height. Specific manufacture for Tierraverde.National
Connection couplet Connection coupling between microtube and lower section of Pushbutton. It is inserted at one end of the microtube.National
Dropper Multiple flow rates depending on the water and pressure requirements of the project. It is inserted in microtube at the opposite end of the coupling.Israel - Netafim
Tutor PVC 15 cmsSpecially manufactured for Tierraverde.National

Industry leaders trust in this solution

Matias Volker

Carolmo Agricultural

Thanks to the frost control systems installed by Tierraverde, our blueberry crops in the Aconcagua Valley have withstood very unpredictable climatic variability situations, with additional uses for cooling and rainfall emulation.

Sebastian Warnier

Agricultural Garcés

In cherry trees it is critical to have systems to mitigate frost events that are sustainable and adaptable to the particularities of each property. The low precipitation technology based on Pulsators, together with Tierraverde's personalized advice, is a solution that has contributed in a concrete way to mitigate these effects.

Andres Maturana


The technical knowledge of hydraulic systems and the proven professional experience of the Tierraverde team gave us the confidence to install the frost control systems with low water precipitation in our olive grove in Litueche. Thanks to this highly water-efficient system we have been able to protect our orchards, ensuring our annual production.

Francisco Covarrubias

Tierraverde not only offers the most innovative and competitive solution in the market for frost control, but also accompanies you throughout the design and implementation process of the project, providing quick answers to the multiple challenges that agriculture in Chile presents today.