Pulsator 205™ & Pulsemax 360™.

Sustainable cooling to fit your budget

The combination of Pulsator 205™ together with PulseMax 360°, allows us to artificially simulate a light and homogeneous rainfall from high frequency pulses and low flow rates, generating a blanketing effect that will dramatically reduce the chances of frost or heat wave damage.

One design, different applications

Our high-frequency, low-flow emitter will be the best companion to your existing irrigation system.

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Evaporative cooling

Take control of your climate even in high temperature situations.

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Alternative applications

Moisture control, application of foliar products.

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Control of

Protects cherry, critical, stone, grapefruit, avocado, olive, table grapes, wine grapes, blueberries, kiwifruit, potatoes, artichokes, strawberries and much more.

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Benefits and features

Our high-frequency, low-flow emitter will be the best companion to your existing irrigation system.

High adaptability

As it covers a uniform radius, it can be installed for different planting frames: 6×4, 5×5, 6×6, 7×4,5×5 among the most widespread.

Easy installation

The design of PULSATOR™ 205 and PULSEMAX 360™ allows them to be attached to different supports, both PVC stakes and hanging structures on wire lines.


PULSATOR™ 205 and PULSEMAX 360™ are made of plastic materials that are highly resistant to the action of solar radiation.

Water savings

The combination of PULSATOR™ 205 and PULSEMAX 360™ allows less water to be precipitated than a traditional sprinkler system.

Simple maintenance

Being modular, the products can be easily disassembled for cleaning and maintenance.

How it works

PULSATOR™ 205 and PULSEMAX 360™ are supported on a tutor or structure, and connected to a microtube, which has a self-compensating dripper of various flow rates (between 12 and 40 liters/hour). In turn, the dripper is connected to the irrigation network in polyethylene lines of 16 or 20 millimeters.

It provides multiple pulses per minute, depending on the flow rate chosen, ensuring homogeneous coverage over an area for several hours without causing waterlogging.

The pulsing system allows each emitter to cover a large area while maintaining a low flow rate, thus reducing the number of units per hectare, as well as saving on infrastructure costs, energy and water consumption.

They are already protecting their climate

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